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spout series: 關於
spout series: Work

tabletop series


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The "Spout" tabletop series is inspired by culture of southern fujian and traditional teapots. Today I live in Xiamen. At night, people always sit in front of their homes, put on a set of tea sets, pour a cup of tea and chat happily, while a few children will chase and play around. And I will always be attracted by the little teapot. The teapot has an elegant spout, and the connection between the spout and the body during the production process is also very interesting.


The series includes vases, storage boxes and lamp. Vases and storage boxes made of porcelain and lamps made of thin porcelain with light transmittance have different functions under a unified design and language. However, because of the limitation of the light transmittance of thin porcelain, the lamp achieves a better lighting effect especially through the upper and lower holes.



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