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Since 2021, Cui Zhihua have been running his design and research studio in Jingdezhen. The studio is based on the research and design transformation of materials and traditional handicrafts, and focuses on the exploration and practice of sustainable design.


Having worked and studied in many countries such as China, Germany, Thailand, etc., he was deeply influenced by different cultures for a long time. Therefore, while engaged in commercial design, he has always paid attention to the research and design transformation of traditional handicraft and materials behind Chinese culture. At present, he has always been committed to the personal research and design experiments in China and Germany.while ensuring the practicability of the design products, he also gives consideration to the cultural self-identification, so that the products can be better integrated into the modern home.

When he first entered the industry, Cui Zhihua participated in DesignShanghai 2020 as Talents and received a lot of praise and was reported by international professional design media such as Wallpaper 、Elle decor and Rayli home.

Cui Zhihua Studio is currently located in Shanghai, China and has always insisted on studying materials and handicrafts, and also provides customers with product design 、 brand strategy and upgrade services.


At the same time, with a focus on applying meaningful human-centered and elegant design, Zhihua strives to deliver impactful and innovative design at the intersection between physical, digital and service experiences. Currently , as an industrial designer at Panasonic China, Zhihua co-builds and leads the growth of ID portfolio of Health, maternity, pet and vacuum product lines.



Academy of Art and Design (Kunsthochschule Kassel) in Kassel, Germany, Department of Product Design,

  • Diplom Designer (Ba&Ma)

Northeast Forestry University in China, Department of Industrial Design, 

  • B.Eng

As an senior industrial designer at Panasonic China, responsible for project management, design system establishment and design of product line such as vacuum cleaners, health, pets and maternal and infant products. Participated in the design of washing machines and beauty products.

  • 2023 -Now                       

Set up own studio for design practice and cultural observation

  • 2018 - 2023           

worked for

Düsseldorf based design agency Squareone、Frankfurt based studio Sebastian Herkner 、China& North Aisa design center of Panasonic、global design agency designaffairs of Accenture in Shanghai and Bangkok based Brand Qualy Design

  • 2021 -Now                       

  • 1995           

Born in Yueyang, China

Sustainable Design Exhibition of Red dot museum, Chengdu

  • 2023

Paris Design Week, Paris, France


  • 2020                          

CIFF Guangzhou 2022, Guangzhou,China

  • 2022                           

Rundgang, Kassel, Germany

Designshanghai 2021, Shanghai, China

CIFF Guangzhou 2021, Guangzhou, China

  • 2021                            

Designshanghai 2020, Shanghai,China


  • 2021                          

Shandong University, Jinan, China

Museum of Waste, Changsha, China

CIFF Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China

Drowm Education,Changsha,China

  • 2020                          

  • 2022            

Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China



Bechester Village





Sixteen Utensil

  • 2021                         


  • 2022                          

Rayli Home Magazine - OCT. 2021 - P15

WGSN China - Design Trend report - JUN. 2021

Rayli Home Magazine - FEB. 2021 - Interview P22

  • 2020                          

AD China - AUG. 2021

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